“StraTrail” Prologue : “Fate or Coincidence”

15 Sep 295533 sample

*Life… well that’s something being needed to live in this world. Until today i live without any goal or whatsoever… I just live until i die without thinking what i want to do or what i want to be at the future…  Right… It’s just like walking in the path without any destination on the path itself… That’s why.. I just live until today… And wait… Until the moment i die… Well… That’s what i’m thinking until now… But, everything is changed…. It’s because… Because of this girl that suddenly appeared in front of me…*

“Hey, you!! From now on! you will be Mine!!!”

Said from the girl that point her finger into me. As i try to clear my mind from what she say… I just scratch my head and ask her.

“Err… what? What did you just say?”

The girl that stand up in front of me come one step closer to me and speak once more.

“Yeah you, i mean from now on, you’re become mine.”

As she say that once again, in my mind i just think that, it seems i didn’t misheard about what she just say. As i look again on her eyes, it seems she is not joking at all, i can know it because her eyes look serious. But i can’t understand why she say like that to me, that’s why i try to speak to her.

“Wait a sec, what do you mean by that. Why do i have to be your thing?”

The girl look a little bit confused as i asked to her, then she replied to me.

“Huh, i don’t say that you have to become my thing? I just said that you to become mine you know?”

I just confused from what she said to me, it seems that what she mean about become her it’s not same like become her “thing”. Honestly i can’t understand at all why she suddenly asking something like this to me, and from the start who the hell is this girl anyway? Again i try to keep calm in this situation, then i ask her again.

“Okay, so what do you mean by “become yours” thing and also why do i have to accept that from someone that i even never meet before.”

The girl straighten her back and walk closer, than speak to me.

“Well it’s like the mean itself, it mean from now on you’re become mine. It’s like you have to spent the rest of your life beside me until we die, and if you ask why do you have to accept it? It’s because i just say that to you.”

Again, i’m confused from her answer, well from the start i already confused from what she say to me. But it seems she’s not joking at all, because she answer my question without any hesitation at all. Furthermore her eyes also, she’s just staring me like a person who are not joking or lying at all. From what i can think in here, it seems that everything she said to me it’s true but for me to accepting all of that seems impossible, so i take a breath than speak to her again.

“Hey, you see, i’m not gonna accept about what you just say to me. Besides, what kind of reason that make me can accept something like that”

As i said that, the girl put her hand on her cheek think a little bit, then answer my question.

“Well, i think the reason itself because it’s “You” that i choose, and for my side i don see that you won’t accept it.”

Hearing her answer just make me become more confused, it’s like she answered it naturally without any bad meaning behind it. Actually i’m quiet surprise because this girl seems got no hesitation or whatsoever like that to make me become her “Thing”. I don’t know why but there’s some kind of weird feeling in my chest, so i try to speak again to her.

“Hey, can i ask u some question?”

The girl replied instantly as i ask her, so i ask her with some question.

“First, are you already do this kind of thing to other people? Second, why did you do this? What are you try to achieve from asking someone to become yours “thing”? Lastly, who are you anyway??

As i give her with three question, she looks like thinking about it, as myself i’m also thinking why do i ask her this question? I should just reject that, than leave her with saying and act like we will never talk again. After couple second she said that she already have the answer, so i let her to give the answer.

“Well, firstly, i never do this to other people so, you’re the first one that i have ever done this in my life. Secondly, i did this for my own sake, you know i have some kind of ambition that is to live to the fullest until i died later and for that i need someone, someone who can stay in my side to support me and make me happy everyday.”

Before she answer the last question, she turned back than walk to the fence of the school rooftop, then she turn back again to me and answer the last question.

“Lastly, my name is Shinohara Yuri 1st grade of this High School, also same class in 1-B like you. Kouga Haruto.”

As she answer the last question with devilish smile on her face, that moment just chill me out a little bit. Because that expression that she just make it’s like she just saw through me, like she really really know about “me”. Then she walk toward to me and speak again to me.

“Well that’s all my answer for all your question, now it’s my turn to ask you again.”

As she put her finger into my lips she ask me again like first time.

“Will you become mine? Kouga Haruto. Well, either you answer is no or yes, it won’t change the fact that you still become mine after all.”

As she put back again her finger from my lips she smiled like she already owned me. But still, i just can’t accept such a thing happen, so i asked her again.

“Hey, Shinohara..” before i complete my word suddenly she cut it,  to tell me to call her by her name instead of family name. “Alright, Yuri then… “ as i called her name, she looks a little bit happy, so i continue with my word.

“Hey Yuri, from all student.. No all people, why did you choose me? I’m not even know you, also everyone in this school often call me as a weirdo that doesn’t have any friend. And what makes you so confident that i will become yours? Besides.. i don’t know how to make you happy everyday, since i don’t know how to live with such thing like being happy…”

I know it’s sounds like an idiot question to her, but for me it’s quiet important. Because i’m not like other students in this school that enjoying their school life with anything they like to do, as for me, i don’t have any interest for enjoying such kind of school life, because i don’t know what i want to do.

From child i’m only live without having any goal or whatsoever, what i know that if i’m still alive then just live until the moment i died. Without thinking about what i want to do or what i want to achieve in the future, i’m just live like that until today, and for me it seems that sort of live just won’t be change and will never be changed. That’s why i telling her about this thing, so she will give up about me.

Surprisingly she just laughed after hearing that, i’m just confused why she’s laughing? Is it because sounds idiot? Or it’s just to funny for her? I don’t know what makes her laugh like this. Finally she stop laughing, then she turn back again and said.

“You know, that was like the dumbest thing that i ever heard in my life. I mean you don’t know how to live with being happy it’s just ridiculous you know.”

Hearing what she said, make a little bit hurt. Well it can’t be help if it sounds ridiculous, but for me it’s the fact that i never life with such kind of thing. Until now the way i’m just live because i’m still alive, not because of i want to do anything or achieve anything. Just like walking in the path until the end of it. While i’m thinking about that, she continue with her word.

“Well then let me answer those question of yours. First, i’m choosing you because you’re different with other people. Second, it’s simple, because i’m always get what i want no matter what will it take to me to get it. And last, even though you don’t know how to live with being happy at least you can make me happy, so don’t worry about it.”

“That’s.. that’s ridiculous!! How can you just answer it so simply like that!! Besides, how can i make you happy if i don’t know how to do it!!”

I replied her with loud because what she saying just ridiculous, i mean what she just saying it’s almost didn’t make any sense to me, or maybe she just make fun of me all this time. She sigh after heard my reply of her answer, then she talk again.

“Listen, maybe it’s sounds ridiculous for you, but i’m serious about it. You know, until now i’m just living with luxury, like anything can be given and everything can be done easily. But i’m always wondering, is it the happiness that i want? Is it the way that i want to live? Then my grandpa said, the way of someone living it’s not come from other people, it’s come from yourself, you do what you want and  you live like what you want. At that time i decide, from now on i want to live on the way that i want, and for that i have to know what i want to do in the future later.”

Hearing what she just said make thinking, this girl is amazing because she have a strong will and courage to saying something like that bluntly, and the way she said everything about his ambition, i know that she will, no she can do that all. Meanwhile for me i never think something like that, and it’s just make me feel like i’m not even worthy for her. Then suddenly she speak again.

“But though i don’t know what i’m gonna do in the future later, before that i have to get something that important for me now.”

“Something important? What is it?”

As i replied, i wonder what is the important thing that she have to get. She point her finger to me then answer.

“It’s you!”

“…….. Sorry what?”

I’m doozed by her answer, then said it again.

“It’s you!! Like i said before, i need someone to stay by my side to support me for the rest of my life right? That’s why i need you, because you’re gonna be important for the rest of my life.”

“……….. WHAT???”

Again i’m just confused with his statement, i mean she said that i’m gonna stay on her side to support her for the rest of his life? Wait before that does she just say that i’m his important thing that she must get? Seriously?

“Ho..Hold on a sec, can you understand what did i just say? I’m weirdo that doesn’t have any friend and don’t have motivation about my life, also did i already say that i don’t know how to make you happy. Instead you still saying that you want me to support you?? What kind of logic that you have!!”

“I don’t care about that!!”


As she shout back at me, i’m shocked by her attitude. After all that reason that i give to her, she still not turning back to make me become her “thing”, it seems she’s not gonna give up no matter how i turn her back. This kind of thing is never happen to me, and i don’t know what should i do right now.



She try to speak again.

“For me, i don’t really care about what you think about yourself, and i don’t really care about ur life either, well maybe a little bit.”


Suddenly she hug me from the front then continue with his word.

“As far as i know, i see you as a good guy, and really reliable for other. Also, when i see you at first time, it seems you kinda weird, but.. the more i see you.. the more i know you.. it makes me think that this guy is ok, maybe.. no, not maybe but i’m sure that if this guy, he can support me no matter who i am..”

I’m quiet surprise with his word, because i never know that there’s a person that think about me like that. I don’t involve with other people to much.. also i never bother what people think about me.. and for the first time there’s a person that really really need me this much, i don’t know what can i do for this person. As i thinking about it, i speak again to her.

“Hey.. are you.. really serious about this?”

“Yeah of course…”

“Maybe i’m not as good as you think.”

“You already good as you are.”

“I’m weird, you know.”

“Yeah i know, you different with other people right.”

“You can be wrong to choose me you know.”

“My intuition is strong, that’s why i never think it’s wrong tho choose you.”

“But i’m still don’t know how to make you happy.”

“Then let’s think it together later.”



After she replied every word that i said, it seems that she really really want me to become her “thing”, actually i still have a lot of word that i want to say, but i think i’m gonna give her one last question before end this conversation.

“Hey.. you said that, if i’m become yours and support your life for the rest of my life.. than what will i get from you?”


She silent a little bit after hearing my last question, well it’s just that i want to confirm if i support her for the rest of my life, then what will happen to me? And what’s the profit for me to take care of her. That’s why i want to know, if she serious about this thing, she must be already think that way. As she turn back then she answer.

“My life.”


I little bit surprise by her answer, and seems she got no hesitation about that answer, it’s like an obvious for her.”

“Well, you’re gonna stay by my side from now on right? That’s why i’m gonna give you my whole life to you, so you will never be alone again for the rest of your life.”

She answered it with the best smile that i ever seen on her face, and it seems it was a lost for me. For the first time of my life, i never meet this kind of person, who can say that kind of thing so bluntly. It seems i don’t have other choice to become hers right. So i clear my mind than talk again.

“Alright,  i got no choice then… It seems that i have to take your offer then.. Is that okay for you?”

“Yeah!! Of course!! “

As she saying that, she grab my both hand i place it to her body like i’m hugging her from behind, it seems she look really happy from that. Well, it seems from now on, my life is gonna be different from before. But.. if i think that i have to stay by her side, it seems everything will gonna be alright, at least that’s what i think.

Couple minutes after that we decide to go home together, but i’m still curious about one thing. So i ask her.

“Hey Yuri, since when you already know about me?”

“Well maybe you don’t remember, after the opening ceremony, you know the moment when you walk past the sakura tree and saving the cat that almost falling down from there?”

Opening ceremony? That’s about 2 weeks ago, and if i remember at that time after the opening ceremony itself i have to go to teacher room, that’s why i cut the way in front of the sakura tree, and saving the cat that almost falling from there.

“Well, that time after you saving the cat, i remember you said :

[ It’s dangerous you know, to go on the place like that, what will happen if you falling down than no one saving you? That’s why cat you have to remember, don’t do anything stupid that can killed yourself, though you will never know when you’re gonna die and don’t make other become sad because of your dead.]

At that time i was near from there you know.”

“Yeah.. i think.. i said that”

Hearing about that from her, make me a little bit embarrassed because i don’t think that there will be someone’s who hear that, and it’s her.

“From that moment i have my interested on you, you said that you don’t care about your life, but it seems that you really care about other people life. That’s what make me know that, if it’s this guy i know he can support me.”

“Well… ok then…”

“Haa.. Haan… what’s wrong huh? Are you shy because of it? Hehehehehe!!”

“Shu…Shut up… it’s not like that you know.”

As my face turning red because of her word, she keep teasing me like a child.

“Well for me, i think it’s like a fate you know. I mean it’s like because of that thing, i can know you and now we become like this. Yeah, i think it’s some kind of fate who make that thing happen!! I’m sure!!”

“Fate huh…”

“Mu.. you don’t believe on fate don’t you.”

“Well if you consider about believing, i’m not.”

“Mu..Mu.. you idiot, girls like those kind of thing you know, even i do like them.”

“Yes.. yes.. whatever you say, let’s go home it’s almost dark you know.”

As i stop the conversation, we go down from the rooftop of the school than going back to home together. At that moment i’m thinking that, rather than fate it’s just like a coincidence, if that cat it’s not there or i don’t notice the cat itself, maybe this thing will never happen.

Well it’s already happen after all.. so i don’t really care about it now, what should i care right now is her, what will we do from now on and what kind of new life that i will experience with her later. As she grab my hand than start walking home together, i’m just think “Well.. maybe it’s not so bad after all..”



Hey guys, this my own original story and as far as you can see this is a story about a guys that doesn’t care about his life and the girl that always do what she want, i made this story because somehow i want to make a romance story and i try to make a unique one.

Though it’s still a prologue chapter i will try to upload the next chapter as soon as i can, and i’m really sorry for bad spelling and bad grammar that being used, coz i’m not so good with english but i want to make it english so most of you people can read it.

And thank you for whoever read this prologue chapter, and oh yeah i haven’t even tell you guys what’s the meaning of “StraTrail” itself, but i don’t want to tell it now because it will be explain later on the story itself, that’s why if you want to know just wait for the next chapter.

As for the next chapter i’m gonna add some character introduction too, i’m sorry for not doing it in this chapter, but never mind when i finished with the next chapter i hope you guys will enjoy the story that i made.

So i hope you guys will enjoy the next chapter as you enjoy this prologue chapter(well if you enjoy it) again i’m sorry for bad spelling and grammar that i use because i’m so bad at english and. Again  guys i’m not a writer and i also don’t know how to make LN so i’m just gonna write like this for now. but i’m trying to to improve it as much as i can.

And for the picture that i used is some kind of represent of the visualization, and credit will always be for the artist itself, and i’m sorry that i don’t have the source of the img link itself, if you’re the artist who see this pic, the credit will always for u, next time i will always give the source of the img itself.

Thank you guys who already spent some of your time to read this and i think i will see you later on the next chapter. ADIEU!!


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