Announcement : LN project “StrainTrail”

23 Mar 295569 sample

Hello!! And welcome again guys in this… ahh whatever i’m already tired of this kind of introduction, but welcome and yes we back int this blog with the new post for you guys!! I know it’s have been 2~3 month since the last post which is about the “Special post”. Well whatever is that now we’re decided to change the blog into our LN(Light Novel) project which is already being mention at the last post… if you guys remember, well maybe nobody saw that post anyway…Well whatever man, so we won’t taking long for today, because this post just an announcement about the LN project that we’re gonna do at the next post. The title of LN itself can be seen which is “StrainTrail”. Well considering the name itself maybe some of you doesn’t know the mean, and unfortunately we can’t explain it to you guys this time, because it’s secret.

So before moving on into the LN itself we want to thank you for whoever you guys that see our post, or see this useless blog, and once again we really” appreciate you guys that who want to spent some time to check our LN, or our blog haha… Also since we can’t draw so some of the pic that will be used for LN is actually we take it from other website just to make you guys can get the picture of the LN itself,(Well since it LN so it suppose to be not much picture right…). And last but not least… hopefully you guys can enjoy our LN, because we’re not pro writer and we also didn’t know how to make a proper LN yet… So we will see you later guys at the next post, so ADIEU!! 290141 sample


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