Special Post I : “End and Beginning of Something”

13 Jan 304754 sample landscape nauimusuka

Hello and Welcome guys in this special post!! This is the 1st special post that actually we have to post last year and because of something happened and that make this post become so late to be post… Well to be honest we just haven’t finished yet at last year and while after new year we have to go somewhere so we don’t have any time to continue with this….

Anyway… Move aside from the delay itself, the topic of this post is about “End and Beginning Of something” which some of you guys maybe already what is mean… and some of you maybe not, but don’t worry… as always we will explain to you in this post later… And for you guys that have been come to this blog maybe already know typical post that we usually made… Well, since this is a special post we make a little bit different which is you can see at the rest for this post, so with not much time to spent let’s just move into the post, shall we?

Title/Topic Post

So let’s start with the title of today post or should we say “Today topic”…. First of all the title that we made actually prefer about the this year and last year, for some of you that wandering what does it mean?? We will explain it. The topic itself that is “End and Beginning of Something” is stand for : “End” = Last year(Which is 2014) & “Beginning” = New year(Which is now 2015).

We make this a so simple because the fact that in every single year that already end mean something that you have done at that year is already end or should we say it as past, for the other side the new year that start after last year which is the beginning of something that you will do, well.. maybe it’s so simple after all.

And for us, we always make every title/post is important for us, which mean this post too. This time, we consider that every beginning and end of something(this time prefer about year) is about what have you done and what you’re gonna do. Well we think that’s so commonly for everyone, and that make us useless for saying this…. But that’s okay.. because that’s how we work…

What’s special about today post?

Looking at past post, today is a little bit different and we think to make something to be share with you guys about what we do for this year… well maybe for the start is about our game. Related about our game is “Eroge” we decide it to share about all the list of game that we download around this year, this all game that we download is what we though is kind good for you guys(erogamers) to be played. Here’s some list about it:


Well to be honest actually it’s not just this, we still have more, but still it’s to much so we just give you some of it…

Special News!!

Well special news that we want to give to you guys that we actually want to make a new type of post in this blog, which is about the LN(Light Novel) that being made by ourself… For this post is will be updated once every week but the day of the post will be random… the synopsis and the story itself will be tell later future post…

Well we think that we don’t have anything much to say in this special post… Sorry guys we don’t have much to be talked in this first special post. So thanks for you guys who already see this first special post and check out our post at the future and of course… The LN too… Until that time stay tune and as always enjoy the last pic.. ADIEU!!! 304006 asami_asami ashiya_suzuka business_suit hayase_chitose hibiki_works himekawa_honami kurashiki_azusa pantyhose pretty_x_cation_2 seifuku thighhighs


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