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Day 4: Invasion of Titan?! 264200 sample

“So guys this is me and my partner again, yeah i know the gap of this post is so freaking long… Well it can’t be helped i have a thing to do and so do him, but since we have some spare time we decide it to spend it by posting this post.

Well first of all concerning about today topic is “Titan Invasion”, we take this topic related to anime attack of titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) AND OTHER Titan thing as well… sort of… But, the main reason is because i see a manga of attack of Titan that already being translated and published at our country, first of all our response when we see this of course… “Da hell man!! Why this comic is published in here!! Why!!”, so why we response like that, well… considering that our country isn’t publishing the comic that have a genre “Adult” or “15+” well besides of GTO, Airgear, Hellsing, Biohazard and other else. So with no more talk let’s continue the rest at this post…”
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