1st Trail: “Question & Answer”

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The sounds of the alarm is waking me up, as i open my eyes then reach my clock, i stop the alarm and look at the time that shown 04:00, it’s time for me to wake up and do the daily morning activity. Starting from tidying up the bed, making breakfast and lunch, also some house chores. After all those thing done, finally i’m ready to go to school.

I went out from the apartment then i see a person that looks familiar to me standing in front of the gate like waiting for someone, as i walk closer that person turn back toward to me, it turns out that person is Yuri, the girl that just makes me become her “Thing” yesterday.

Morning Haruto!! Did you sleep well last night?

As she greeting me, i greet her back then ask her.

Yeah morning too, and why are you here huh?

Why, you say? Well i’m here to get you of course?

I’m a little bit confused by her answer, so i ask her again.

To get me? For what?

For going to school together of course.

Again, i’m being confused by her answer, i mean she come at this morning to get me so we can going school together? I don’t know why she do this, but looking at her right now, i think if i ask her more question it just gonna make thing become more confusing for me so i decide to let it for now and going with her.

Alright! Since you already here, shall we go now.

She giving her hand like waiting for me to grab her hand, so i grab her hand than we going to school together. Alongside the way to the school i don’t know what should i do, because i never going to school together like this before, so all i can do just remain silent for the time being. Suddenly Yuri start to speak to me.

Hey Haruto, are you always going to school at this morning?

Yeah, i have some work to do at school at morning, that’s why i always going at this hour.

Hmm.. i see..

Answering her question, make Yuri looks think about it, well it can’t be help because what kind of student that going to school at this morning, most of the student probably still sleeping, so this kind of thing is not normal for her too. But to think about it, right now Yuri is going together with me, for me who always wakes up it doesn’t matter at all. But for her, shouldn’t she same like other students that right now still sleeping and come to school later? Also to think about it, why Yuri is waiting for me at this hour, could it be that she already woke up earlier than me than waiting for me?

This kind of thing that i just realized make me a bit confused, so to make it clear i ask Yuri again.

Hey Yuri, how long you wait for me at that place?

Hm? Well… maybe around 20 to 30 minutes?

Her answer make me a little bit surprised, it means she already waiting for me at that place when i still at doing some house chores at my room, and yet she doesn’t look concern about it at all. I mean it’s still cold outside yet she’s waiting for me, also if i don’t notice her at that time, what she gonna do?

Yuri, are you okay with that? I mean by waiting me outside at this early morning that still cold, also why did you do this?

I ask her a serious question with higher tone, because want to know why did she done that, also i don’t want her to get sick because of this kind of thing. As she release her hand from me, she turn towards me than answer.

Of course i’m okay with it, well despite there is some little problem like still sleepy and cold, but other than that, i don’t feel like it bothers me that much.

Hearing that answer from her, just make me a little guilty, because without noticing about what she feel or what she do, for me it’s just makes me think that instead of being her “thing” it just feel like i’m troubling her all the way. Suddenly she grab my hand again then continue with her asnwer.

Besides.. i’m waiting in here so we can going to school together you know. Though it’s cold, or sleepy, as long as we can go together those kind of thing doesn’t matter to me, all i did it’s what i want and i already told u yesterday right? From now on you will never be alone again, that’s why you don’t have to make that face you know.

As she say that to me, she rub her hand to my face, like spoiling a child. I never though that Yuri is like this, since yesterday i’m just thinking the statement that she said to me it’s just like a jokes or a small trivial for me, because i never have someone that really care about me this much, that’s why now i have to repay it with everything that i got. So i put away her hand from my face and hold it, as i speak to her.

Hahh.. Fine then Yuri, for now let’s just go to school cause i have a work to do, so let’s go.

As i pull Yuri hand, than she move besides me then hold my whole arm, and being like this we  going to school together.

After we arrive at school, we go to classroom, which i find another surprising thing for me, which is Yuri actually is in the same classroom with me, also her seat is exactly in beside of me.

So Yuri, all this time you actually sit beside of me? How can i never know about this…

Well from the start of the school, you never speak to anyone, also you always try not to communicate with other people, so it’s normal that you didn’t recognize with your surrounding right.

Well what just Yuri say it’s right, until now i never try to speak with other student in this school, to be exactly i just don’t want to involved with other people, because i though by being alone and not troubling other people is the best for me. But still, don’t know that Yuri is sitting beside me all this time just make me know how lone i am until now.

Well doesn’t matter about Yuri seat is beside me, right now i have some work to do, that’s cleaning the whole corridor of and the backyard of the school. As i finished changing with my working cloth and take the equipment, i start by cleaning the corridor first. For me, this kind of work is just usual because i already accustomed to heavier work.

Usually i always working alone, because it’s still in the morning and no one has to come to school yet, but today is slightly different, because today Yuri is watching me. I feel uneasy by her staring at me like this, in fact  i can’t concetrate at all, so i ask her.

Err… Yuri.. Why are you here?

Hm? Watching you?

That’s not what i mean, well i mean why are you watching me anyway? Are you suppose to be at classroom?

Eehh.. But there’s no one at the classroom, also nothing to do there, and waiting for you is boring. That’s why i decide to watching your work.

Okay, judging from the situation it seems that Yuri feel bored because there’s nothing that she can do at the moment, well it can’t be helped since it’s still 05.30 in the morning, nobody here yet, and the fact that i also can’t concentrated, i try to give her solution in this situation.

Well, why don’t you sleep again Yuri? It’s still early and seems you also look sleepy, you can just sleep then i will wake you up when i’m done with this work.

Sleep again huh.. But where i can sleep?

Well you can sleep at the class.

I don’t want to sleep in my desk, it’s hard

Alright, how about in infirmary?

It’s full of medicine smell, also i don’t want to sleep in the bed that already being used by other people of doing “H”.”

……. (Being used for doing “H”, how can she just blurt it like that in front of man that easily….) Okay.. i’m out of idea.

I’m not sleepy afterall so forget about it, i’m just gonna continue watching you until you finished your work.


Seriously, she said that she’s bored because nothing to do, and i try to give her solution yet she still want to continue watch me in here, i don’t know what Yuri is thinking afterall.

Honestly Yuri, i feel distracted by your watch, can you please stop that and do other thing?

Why? I am not doing anything that interfere with your work, also i’m not going to stop doing this even you told me, because i will get boring if i stop this.

It seems Yuri doesn’t have any intention to stop watching me, well i can’t force her anyway, looks like i have to get along with her this time.

Ok then, but don’t do other thing than this.


As she saying that with smile, she stand behind me and continue with watching me, maybe i can’t stop Yuri for this, but at least she won’t do anything that can interfere with my work, so i stop bothering by Yuri i continue with cleaning the whole corridor of the school.

Couple moments later, after finished by cleaning the corridor, i go to warehouse at back of the school, change some tools, then start cleaning the backyard. The wind that still breeze at early morning feel refreshing to me, after all this kind of work is make me a little bit sweaty that’s why this kind of wind can cool me a little bit.

As i swept the leafs, suddenly i heard the sneeze from my behind, it seems Yuri feels cold from this morning wind. It seems she feel cold because of this wind, for me that sweeping in this early morning everyday i already wonted of it, but for Yuri it seems she still feel cold about it.

Yuri, if you feeling cold you can just going inside of the school, you don’t have to follow me to watching me in this condition you know?

No, i want to watching you from close, that’s why i’m gonna stay in here!

As she replied me, looks like Yuri doesn’t want to stay away from me, but if she stay in here to long she can catch cold because of it, it seems i don’t have any choice.

Here.. i lend you my blazer..


With this, at least you can feel warm a little bit right.

But.. if you do this you will feel cold instead.

I put on my blazer on her, but she turn it back instead it seems she doesn’t want me to get cold, but i also feel the same, that’s why i put on her again and tell her.

It’s okay you know, i already accustomed with this kind of thing. Besides, if you catch cold because of this, it will be a problem for me.

Problem? What kind of “Problem” that you mean?

Just imagine by yourself…

As said that and put on the blazer on her again, i turn back to continue with sweeping the leafs, then i heard some weird sound from my behind, so i turn back again to see what exactly that sound is.


Errr… Yuri what exactly are you doing?

Hm? Sniffing your blazer of course.

……. (I don’t know what to say.. i think she is really weird girl after all..)

Why are you looking at me? Is there anything on my face?

No.. nothing..

So i turn back again than continue from where i left, well even though i still can heard weird sound from my back, i try to ignore it this time and just focusing to finished with cleaning the backyard.

Couple moments later, finally finished with cleaning the backyard, i put back the tool into the storage and looking at the clock it’s already over the 07:00, it’s time to go back to the the classroom and take a little rest before the class start. Then i realize that Yuri is nowhere to be seen, i thought she still watching me until now. Didn’t know where is she, i try to look around the backyard, maybe she still in here.

When i looking around the sakura trees near the school building, i saw a figure of someone that sleeping under one of the sakura tree. What do you know, Yuri is sleeping at there, it seems she still sleepy after all and fall asleep in here. Well it can’t be help, woke up at the morning to come after me, then watching me until i done with my work of course it’s just make her to become sleepy. Though she sleep so tightly i can’t let her sleep in here because she can catch cold, so i decide to take here into infirmary and let her sleep in there.

As i try to carry her, suddenly she wake up a little bit.

Uuuh… Haruto…Are you done with the work…

Yeah, i’m done with it, come on i’m gonna carry you to infirmary because you will catch cold if you sleep in here.

Uurrghh… no i don’t want to sleep there…

She struggle a little bit, seems she doesn’t want to sleep at there, but if i let here sleep again in here, it can be bad for her, so i try to carry her again.

Come on Yuri, it’s bad to sleep in here.

Uuuhhh…. Then you should sleep in here too…


Suddenly she stand up than push me to sit under the tree, then she use my lap as her pillow and my blazer for her blanket and back to sleep again.

Good night..

Wait, Yuri…

She fell asleep again as i try to resist her, but looking at this condition i just give up about it, and let her sleep again. Looking at her sleeping face, she really look confortable to sleep in here huh, i’m just thinking that this girl is always doing what she want either it’s about yesterday stuff or right now, yet i can’t oppose about it. Maybe i’m really become her “thing” after all…

50 minutes later.. I look the time at my watch, it’s almost time for class to start so i wake up Yuri and tell her that class almost start, as she woke up she still looks sleepy, so i carry her to faucet near there so she can wash her face. After she wash her face, i take back my blazer then tell her to went back to classroom before me, because i have to go to toilet first. Finally, i  went back to classroom from toilet, then i sit on my seat and look beside me that Yuri that still looking sleepy, as teacher is coming today class finally start.

Lunch time, as the bell is ringing, some students are going to cafeteria, some that bring their own bento* are eating in the class, while there are also some students that eating outside, as for me i bring my own bento and i always eat in my best spot which is the rooftop of course. At that moment, Yuri come to my desk and invite me to eat lunch together.

Haruto, let’s eat lunch together!!


What? You don’t want to have lunch together with me?

It doesn’t like i don’t want.. it’s just to sudden for me so i don’t know how to react…

Geez, i thought what.. Putting that aside, let’s eat lunch together!! I’m already starving!!

Usually i will ask her like “Why do you want to have lunch together with me?” or “Why do i have to have lunch together with you?” but i didn’t ask her about it, instead i’m just sigh and go along about it . It seems i can’t oppose her anymore, also i don’t feel bad at all for this kind of thing, so i just replied to her.

Alright, but where we gonna have our lunch?

I don’t know, let’s just find some good place to eat!!

Again, just like before she always doing something without thinking about it first, well i suppose already know this kind of thing always happen when she want to do about something, i’m just smiling a little bit then tell her about where we eat.

In that chase, if you don’t mind i have one nice place where we can eat lunch peacefully.

Where is it?

Just follow me, it’s not far from here.

As i say that, i stand up and went out of classroom followed by Yuri, we went up to stairs to the rooftop, when we there i can feel the wind breeze and the warm feeling from the sun, for me this is the best spot to have lunch everyday. Yuri looks pleased too, i think it’s good choice to have a lunch in here afterall. Then we sit on the seat near the fence, and start to eat our lunch together.

Whooaaa.. Haruto your lunch looks delicious!! Especially the meat ball!!

Nah.. it’s normal you know.

Hey hey, can i have one of those meat ball? Please…

Sure, take it by yourself.


…… What?

Feed me.

Just take it with your chopstick!!

Muu… i want you to feed me!!

Again, she always like this, it’s just like this morning when she doesn’t want to sleep at infirmary, well i think it can’t be help anymore. So i just take one meat ball and feed it to her mouth.

Mmmm!!! It’s delicious!!

Yeah.. yeah thanks about it, come on just eat your own lunch.

Hey hey! One more please!!

Hahh.. it can’t be help, here.

As she take another one she really happy about it, well if it’s good for her i don’t mind about it, with that we continue eat our own lunch.

After finished with lunch, we still have time to spare before next class start, so Yuri told me that she want to sleep a little bit,  she make my lap as her pillow(again) and sleep like this morning. As she fell asleep again, i just looking at the sky and feel the wind and i heard she whispered “It’s nice to be like this”. It’s also same for me, right now this kind of moment it’s feel nice for me.

Hey, Haruto..


Why do you have to work at school?

What do you mean?

This morning, you are cleaning the whole corridor and backyard of the school right?

Yeah, right.

That kind of work, you have to do it everyday right?

Yes, so?

So, why you have to do that kind of work? You are the student in here yet you have to work like that, that’s why i ask you now.

As Yuri asking me while sleeping in my lap, i stay quiet for a little bit then answered her question.

I thought you already know the reason.

Yeah, i know a little bit from grandpa, but still i want to hear it from you.

I knew it Yuri already know the reason why i have to work at school, but it seems she want me to explain from myself. Well it’s not like i don’t want to tell it,      it’s just not an interesting to be tell afterall. But, since Yuri want to know it, i just have to tell her right?

Well, it’s about one month ago before the school start. At that time i don’t have any intention to attend any school, because i just came back to this town.

Came back?  Are you just travel from somewhere else?

Well.. you can say it’s something like that, so at that time i don’t really thinking about attending any school, and also i don’t have any motivation to do that after all. But suddenly my uncle said that he want me to attend a school, and i just ask why do i have to attend a school?

I stop for a moment to catch some breath then continue with my story.

At that time, my uncle said ‘Haruto you’re still young and i don’t want you to travel and doing some of my job along anymore, also right now is the age where you should going out with your friend, and have enjoying the youth together.’

Hmph.. what an interesting uncle you have there.

Yeah i know, but for me that’s always following my uncle along with his job i don’t know what kind of ‘youth’ that he mean, also the fact that i don’t know how to make a friend, just make me… you know…

I know what you mean, just continue with it.

So, at that time when i tell my uncle that i reject his offer, he ask me why? And i said it’s because i don’t get it about everything that he just told me, either about the ‘youth’ or ‘friend’ itself, besides i don’t know what i want to do if i attend the school.

Yuri just remain silent hearing what i just said, it can’t be help since young i never know what i want to do either what i want to be. At that time i’m only living along with my uncle and just follow everything what he said to me. For me that doesn’t know what to do, i’m try to live without troubling anyone and doesn’t socialize to much either, that’s why at that time there’s no reason for me to attend the school anyway, then i continue with my story.

But, hearing my answer my uncle replied  ‘Haruto, if you don’t know what you want to do, then just find it there. And even you can’t find it by yourself, you can find it together with someone else.’

At that point i don’t know what to said, but seeing my uncle that giving such kind of opportunity to me i can’t just ignore it like that, so with that i accepted the offer and now i attend this school.

Finished with my story Yuri still remain silent, a moment later she ask me again.

How about the reason why you have to work in here?

Oh yeah, i forgot about that. So when i attend this school by connection from my uncle acquaintes which is the headmaster, at that time the headmaster said that i can attend the school with only paying half of the school fees with giving the condition to working in here as cleaner.

What? My grandpa giving you condition like that? How can he do it like that to student that want to attend a school, instead make it to work in here too!

As i tell about that, Yuri suddenly shout at me, i forgot the the school headmaster name is Shinohara Genji which is Yuri grandfather. So i try to calm her and continue with the story.

Calm down Yuri, just listen until i finished with the story. Of course at that moment i also a little bit surprised about the condition that being given, and i look at my uncle that seems already known about it yet he doesn’t say anything about this.

Then, the headmaster tell me there’s a reason why he gave me that condition. First is about the former cleaner, which is already old, so the headmaster doesn’t want to push him with that body, that’s why he want to retire him.

Secondly, because the former cleaner want to be retired there’s should be a substitute right? But at that time he said that he hasn’t found it yet, so that’s what make me to work as temporary cleaner before the substitute will be found.

Lastly it’s because my live, my uncle said that he willl travel somewhere else again, but since he doesn’t want to bring me, he said that i have to live alone in this town. Even though i have some saving and still got money from my uncle also i will get paid for doing this job too. And by looking at my way of living until now, my uncle said that i can do it easily. Well of course it’s not an obligatory for me to accept it, and headmaster said that i can decline it.. But…

Instead of decline, you accept it… No… It’s not like you don’t want to decline it… But… You [Can’t] decline it.. right?

I know it… Yuri have seen through me.. What Yuri just say it’s true.. At that time.. It’s not like i want to accept it.. But i can’t decline It.. Since young i never make any decision by myself, i’m always just doing whatever people said to me, and i never reject any request from other people, except if my uncle reject that for me.

Up until now, i’m only live by following my uncle,  i’m learning everything from him, including the way i’m living right now. And because of that, i never know what i want to do and what i want for myself.

Yeah you right Yuri, and that’s the reason why i’m working in here as cleaner. Are you satisfied with it?

Hmm.. I’m satisfied with that right now…

Seems Yuri is ok with that answer for now, well if she want to ask again about that, it doesn’t matter for me anyway…

As the teacher leave the classroom finally today school is over, after this i have to change cloth into cleaner and start cleaning again. I just realize that i don’t see Yuri anywhere, i thought she’s gonna follow me like this morning, but if she have some business or already went home it can’t be help then. So with that i leave the classroom and just done with today’s work.

Couple hours later, finally finished with today works looking at the sunset it’s almost dark right now, so i’m just putting back the cloth and tools then went back to home. At that time, i got a call from headmaster though i don’t know why he called me i just answer it.

“Kouga, are you still at school?”

Yes,i’m just done with today’s work, right now i’m just want to head back to home. Is there any matter sir?

“Yes, could you now come to my office? We need to talk.”

Ye..yes sir, right away.

After he hang up the call, i don’t know what he want to talk about, judging from the tone i thought it’s about something serious. Well i will know it later, right now i just have to go to his office.

As i arrive in front of the office i knock the door then he let me in, after i went in i look at the headmaster that standing toward to window that looking outside, then he start the conversation.

“Kouga, do you know the reason why you being called here?”

No, i don’t.

“Are you sure with that? Are you sure that you are not doing something  that make me to call you here?”

No sir, even though i don’t know why you call me here, but i recognize myself not doing something ‘bad’.

“Hmph, as expected you don’t falter about it huh, well you are right that you are not doing something ‘bad’, but it doesn’t wrong either about you are still doing something.”

[?] What do you mean sir?

“You said that you are not doing anything ‘bad’ but i didn’t question about you doing something ‘bad’, it means you still doing something but it’s not ‘bad’ right?”


I can’t stand back about it, the headmaster is right he already know that i’m not the kind of person that doing something ‘bad’like that, that’s why he try to force me to answer his question like that so he can know that i’m still doing something that’s related about him. Judging from his question it seems only one thing that related about him.

“Hmph looking at your face i think you know what i mean, well it suppose you already know about it let me hear the answer what makes you to be called here.”

Is it aboutYurisir?

The moment i said that name, the atmosphere of this room is completely changing. It’s like a dark cloud that suddenly filled the whole room make me hard to breath, the aura arround headmaster itself also changing, it’s like a beast that want to crush it’s prey without letting it flee, for me that’s always going with my uncle i already get accustomed with this kind of situation how many times before.

But this time is different, the feel from headmaster towards me it’s almost make can’t speak also my legs is shivering, to be honest it’s like i don’t know what i’m doing right now. Then he start to speak again.

“That’s right, it seems you already know her huh.”

Yes, i just know her yesterday though.

“Hmmm. Then i ask you Kouga, what do you think about her.”

Eh? About her? Eeeh well…

“You don’t have to lie about, just be honest. And if you can, just try to describe her with one word.”

Well.. if i have to describe it with one word.. then… ‘Troublesome’.

“Hooo… Why did you think like that?”

She always never heard what other people said to her, she always do what she want, she doesn’t concern about her surrounding, she doesn’t think well about what she’s doing, she always came up with something so suddenly, and she always pushing people without thinking about it… honesty i surpised that she can live like that until now.

I tell everything of what i thought about Yuri to him, i don’t know either the headmaster will be upset or not because i said something rude about Yuri, at least that’s my honest opinion about her after all. Surprisingly the headmaster doesn’t react about it not even a bit, then he speak again.

“I see.. Well then.. Kou..No.. Haruto, do you want to hear a little story from this old man.”

Yeah.. Sure..

I don’t know why, but suddenly the tension right now is more calm rather than before,  it’s because i what i just said? I don’t know, but for now i just have to listen with his story.


Moments later after the conversation is finish i came out from the headmaster office than went back to home again. When i walk towards the gate i see Yuri is standing in front of it, so i walk to her.

Oh Haruto, are you done with your conversation with grandpa?

Yeah, just now. Are you waiting for me in here?

Yep!! Alright, let’s go home together now!


Along the way home, i kept thinking about the story that being told by headmaster. When i see Yuri face, i keep remembering about “that” part of the story. Even now, i still remember it clearly about the story itself..

#Couple moments ago at headmaster office#

As i replied to headmaster, he facing to window again than start with his story.

“Long ago… There’s a two girls that born from rich family, it’s said that these two girls will be the next successor of that family, so those girls are given the best education and everything that being needed to make them a great successor for that family.

As the times fly, one of them still maintain the education that being given meanwhile the other one is getting tired of that. Then one day, finally the girl that having enough of those education decide to ignoring all of them and doing everything what she want.

It’s just like pandora box that being open, she literally do everything what she want and making everyone in that house is worried about what she’s gonna do. Then, her parents finally having enough of what she doing, so they decide to talk to her to explain why she become like that.

Her parents is shocked when they hear her answer, can you guess what’s her answer Haruto?”

Hmm… I don’t know sir.

“Well it’s just a simple answer, she said it’s because she want to find her own happiness.”

Her own happiness?

“Yeah that’s right, at that time she ask her parents, it’s because of she’s the daughter of rich family it’s an obligation to be the successor? Because she can have everything from his parents she can be happy? If she become the successor of the family she can be happy?

She said that she doesn’t want happines from that,  she want to find her own happiness by herself, of course it doesn’t mean that she hate her family, she just want to find it by herself not by given from her parents or family itself, that’s why she doing all those thing.

Then she said to her parents that even though she’s given a good education but she didn’t like the method itself, then she prefer to learn everything by her own method, because when someone’s doesn’t like the method to learn something then what’s the point of doing that if it’s just make her difficult to acknowledge it, that’s why she wants to stop of the education that being given to her and learn it by herself.

At that moment her parents realize that her daughter is actually right, and forcing them to much than this just wasting their time, so with that her parents stopped the education that being given and let their daughters decide the method of the learning by themself.

So as the time fly until now, even though they doing something weird but they never make they parents dissapointed with the result that being given. And with that, those girls now can do anything what they want. So what do you think about that story Haruto?”

Well i think it’s quite something?

I can’t think any reply about that story, because for me that kind of story some it’s one of kind, also i don’t know what should i say about it.

“Haha… I know it’s kinda weird story, but i bet you already know who is the girl in that story right?”

Yeah… Maybe…

I know, the girl that being mentioned in the story must be Yuri, because hearing from what being told it’s matchly describe about her, well it’s not like my answer is wrong though.

“Now, do you know why i told you about this story Haruto?”

No.. to be exactly i even didn’t know why did you told me about this story.

“Hmph.. then it seems you don’t know the answer huh, well i can’t blame you about it. But just to remind you, that i have never told this story to anyone so i expect you to find the answer that i want.”

The answer that you want…

“I don’t expect soon but at least i will wait for it, for now just don’t forget about the story that i just told.”

Yes sir.

“Well then, i think that’s all that i want to say so you can leave now.”

Thank you sir.

Just when i want to open the door to leave the room, suddenly the headmaster call me again.”

“Oh wait Haruto there’s one more thing.”

What is it sir?

“Just remind that, from tomorrow you don’t have to work as cleaner again.”


“So from tomorrow you don’t have come at morning or come home late again.”

Why sir?

“It’s because i already find the substitute for it, so you don’t have to work again. Ah don’t worry i still pay you later for the work that you already done, so don’t worry about it again.”

Aahh.. Thank you sir.

I see, it seems the substitute that headmaster need is already find, well for me it doesn’t matter though.

“Ah, also one more thing.”


“I leave Yuri to you, please take care of her.”

The headmaster said that with bowing to me, i don’t believe what i just see and i can’t react about it. At least i can only answer it.

I can’t promise about it, but i will do what i can for her.

“Thank you Haruto, that’s enough for me.”

#Back to presents(My mind)#

Haruto!! Heeyy Haruto!! Are you hear me?

Hah!! What? What did you say?

I was surprised because Yuri suddenly shouted at me, it seems i think to much about it and didn’t pay attention about what Yuri said to me.

Muu!! You’re not listening to what i was talking about just now huh?

Yeah, i’m sorry Yuri.

Are you thinking about something?

Well.. Err.. Maybe?

Hmm… Let me guess, is it about the conversation with grandpa just now?

As i thought Yuri know what i’m thinking about, well it can’t be helped thinking about it because i tried to find the answer that the headmaster ask to me. Even though i think about it so much still i can’t find the answer that he mean.

Your face is so serious, is the conversation so important?

No, it’s not so important but i just can’t stop think about it.

Hee.. Well if you don’t mind, you can talk about it to me.

Huh, why?

Well, since we left the school even though i’m talking to you, but you keep thinking about something along the way back. Beside, i don’t want you to keep ignoring me.

Yuri look a little sad about it, it seems i think about it to much and forget about Yuri that beside me all along. It can’t be help then, looks like i have to tell Yuri about that conversation.

Alright Yuri, if you don’t mind how about we find some places and talk about it.

Hearing my request Yuri looks happy about it, i think she’s really want me to depend on her huh.

Okay than, now where’s the place where we can talk about this…

Oh! I know the best place to talk about this!!

Looks like Yuri know the place where we can talk about this, so i just let her lead the way and following her.

We’re here!! This is the best place where we can talk anything or do anything secretly!!


What’s wrong Haruto?


Well it can’t be help that i react like this, because the place that Yuri mean is my room. At first i thought Yuri know somewhere that good for talking, but as i followed her the way where she going it’s feel familiar to me, and as i notice that we already in the front of my apartment door. I don’t know what to say at this point, but oh well in here we can talk about that without concerning the surrounding.

What are you doing Haruto, quick open the door.

Alright alright, just calm down.

I open the door, then Yuri ask where’s my bedroom and she just charge into it, i don’t know what she’s up to but for now i just make a tea for her. After i finished with making the tea and preparing some snacks to be eaten, i called her to living room to starts with the conversation.

As i called her, she come to living room and seat while grabing the snacks that i prepared, and i start to talk about it.

So let’s talk about the conversation between me and the headmaster.

Okay, i’m listening here.

Actually the conversation itself is not important, some of it is about the work that says i don’t have to do it again because the substitute already being find. And the other one is about old story.

Old story?

Yeah, the headmaster tell me a story about you Yuri.

About me? What kind of story that granpa tell to you?

It’s about your childhood, he tell me that what kind of you at that time and what makes you become right now. Well it’s not that detail, but i think that’s the summary of it.

Hmm… So…

Yuri looks a little bit pale when i tell about it, it seems that she don’t like when i know about her childhood, but for now i just have to continue with this.

Well, the story itself doesn’t matter to much for me because what kind of you in past it doesn’t matter, what’s important is what i know about you is you at now not you at the past, so don’t mind about it Yuri.

Yuri just node when i said that, i think what i just said make her a little bit so i continue with my problem now.

After the headmaster tell me about your story, he asked me about the ‘answer’.

Answer? What does the grandpa ask to you?

I don’t know he doesn’t give me a specific question about it, what he said that he want me an answer from the story itself.

What grandpa said at that time? Can you be more remember about it?

Well, when he ask me why i tell that story to me i replied that i don’t know, because i don’t know why he tell me about that story itself than he said that it seems i still don’t know the answer of it and he tell me to find the answer that he want. That’s why right now i still confused what does the ‘answer’ that he mean.


Yuri also think about it, well if i hear a story like this of course i will also think about it. But the problem that the question itself is being ask to me and i got no clue about it.

Hey Haruto, can you tell me what kind of story that grandpa tell to you.

Hmm, it’s about the story that you want to find your own happiness if i don’t wrong.


Yuri just look quiet surprised when i tell that, she remain silent and looks thinking about it, i don’t know either she shock about it or not. Then suddenly she start laughing, i don’t know what’s happen to her but she just keep laughing and i can only watch it until she stop. Finally she stop laughing then i ask her why she suddenly laughing like that.

Okay Yuri, why you suddenly laugh like that?

Ha ha, nothing it’s just it’s kinda hilarious that i know the reason why grandpa tell that story to you.

What? Wait, do you mean that you know the answer of it?

Yeah, now i know why.

Tell me Yuri, why the headmaster tell me that story and what’s the answer that he mean.

No i can’t, this is can only be answer by you Haruto and even though i tell you the answer i think you will not understand it either.

What? Why??

I think for now you don’t have to think about it too much, because the you right now will never find the answer, that’s why you just have to let it for now.

Though i really really want to know the answer that Yuri find, but for now i’m just gonna take Yuri advice and take time to find the answer by myself.

Alright i will take your advice and think about it later, so since this conversation is finished are you gonna going home now?

Eh? Of course not, I still want to take a rest in here.

Is your family is okay with this?

Yeah maybe, i just have to tell that i will go home a little bit late so it will be fine.

Maybe huh… Well if you’re okay with it, it doesn’t matter for me though.


As i said that Yuri went back to rest in my bedroom, and since i don’t know what to do right now i decide to going out and buy some ingredients for dinner. After buying some ingredients, i went back to my room then start preparing the dinner, suddenly i feel her body press into my back so i turn back a little bit and i see her lean back to me look half asleep.

Yuri, what are you doing?

Hmm… i smell something good.

That’s not answer my question, i mean why are lean back on my back?

Hhhm…. it’s because i just want to do it.

Like usual, Yuri always doing anything what she want to me without thinking about me first, but for me i don’t react to much of it because i already accustomed with it.

Yuri.. Don’t interfere with my cooking, i almost done with this so right now just wash your face and i will prepare the dinner.


After i finish preparing the dinner and  Yuri also done with washing her face, we sit on the dining room and enjoy the dinner together. While we were having dinner together i think about what i’m gonna do from tomorrow, also what can i do for Yuri from now on, then suddenly Yuri chopped my face.

Why did you chopped my head Yuri?

While having dinner with me, thinking about other thing is forbidden!!


Geez, we are having dinner together yet you make a face like thinking about something serious, at time like this we should having conversation and enjoy the meal together!! Not by thinking something else and ignore me you know.

Yeah, sorry for that.

No need to apologize i know you still curious about the answer itself, but Haruto for now just don’t think to much about it, because if you think to much rather than find the answer you will lost it. That’s why for now just enjoy the dinner and spent our time together.

As Yuri smiled while said that to me, i realize it’s right that i keep thinking to much about it and not paying attention of my surrounding also i forget that i suppose to make Yuri happy, but what i’m doing right now just make her worried about me, maybe it’s because all news thing that happen around me in these 2 days make myself not like usual.

Yeah, you right Yuri sorry for that again.

It’s okay, for now let’s just enjoy our time together, also i’m sure that you will find the answer someday.

Hmph.. I’m not sure about that.

Don’t worry about it, i’m sure you’re gonna find it!

As Yuri laughing about it we continue with our meal than watching TV together after that, a lot of things happen today and so much thing that i have to keep in my mind, but for now i have to stay beside Yuri spending our time together and enjoying this moment until i find the answer that headmaster want.

As the night getting late finally Yuri decide to going home, she said that her driver already waiting at outside of the apartment so i escort her to her car, just before she enter the car i ask her again.

Yuri, do you think that i can find the answer that headmaster want?

Of course you can!  Why do you ask that again?

Nahh.. It’s just like.. You know… I just don’t get it after all..

As i said that, suddenly Yuri put her hands to my face and close it into her face, than she said.

Don’t worry… I know you still don’t understand about it, but i’m guarantee it that you will find the answer one day.

What make you really sure about that Yuri..

It’s because, you are the person that i choose. That’s why i’m sure you can find it.


Again… Yuri is saying something like this without any proper reason or anything like that, even though i don’t understand why she so sure about this, but…. Right now i just feel calm because of it.

So, are you fine now?

Hmph… Yeah… I think..

Yuri giggled a little bit, then she pull back her face from me and get back into the car, as the car start to move  the window opened, Yuri wave her hand to me. As the car finally went away i get back to my room somehow it feels different after Yuri went home, for me that usually live alone in this room it suppose to be casual, but now just because Yuri is not here it feels that my room actually is so quiet.

I never thought of this before, i feel a little bit lonely because of it so i decide to sleep earlier, just before i closed my eyes my phone ring and i see i get one message from the number that i don’t know. I open the message and it turns out from Yuri, it’s just a simple text as.

Goodnight Haruto.

I feel a little bit calm when i saw it, so i replied it with the same word like that then get back to sleep. For me, all this kind of thing is new, but.. I don’t i hate it.

~View point Shinohara Yuri side~

I’m home.

“Welcome back, Milady!!”

When i back to home, as usual the maids are welcomed me home, then one of the maid is coming  toward me and greet me.

“Welcome back, milady.”

Ah… I’m home Sachi

As Sachi welcoming me, she take my bag then walk beside me into my room. While walking to my room Sachi speak to me.

“Good to see you come home safely, milady. We quite worried because you’re going home at this late.”

Eh.. You’re worried to much, it’s not like i’m making toruble anyway.

“Still milady, we’re so worried about your safety.”

Looking Sachi like this, it seems i make her worried to much. I kinda feel a little bit guilty now.

“Also… what do you mean with the text message that you sent to me earlier, Mi . La . Dy.”

Ahahahaha… That is.. You know..

“What do you mean by that message! It’s just written.”

[Having my first time right now, so i’m gonna be home late ><]


“Milady!! The message that you sent to me no matter how you look at it, it’s sound wrong in many way!! I want to explain what is the meaning of that!!”

Sachi scolded me because of the text message that i sent to her earlier, i think i should explain it before it’s get worse.

Well it’s like what is said, it’s my first time. For going into someone’s house.

“Oh.. i see…”

Don’t worry Sachi, it’s not a bad place. Besides…


There’s no way, that person place will be bad for me.

Sachi surprised a little bit at what i just said, and only take a sigh about it.

“Hahh… I understand milady, so what do you want now? Taking a shower or having a dinner?”

I already had dinner before, so i just want to take shower and have a rest for today.

“Understood Milady, then until the preparation is ready you can take your time.”


Sachi went to prepare the bath and i went to my room to take a rest a little bit, at that moment my phone is ringing, seems there is an incoming message to my phone. So i check at the screen, then i see the name of the sender is “Haruto”, i open the message and grin a little bit by looking at the message that he sent to me.

Goodnight Yuri.

Though it’s only a simple text like that, but for me it’s more than enough to make me happy, at that time someone is knocking the door.  Then Sachi is coming into my room to tell me the bath is ready, i put the phone back then take a bath and go to sleep fast so i can meet Haruto again tomorrow.

~View point ?????? side~

As Yuri went to bathroom i take the uportunity to sneak up to her room, i see her phone at the table then i check it, at first when i see the screen it seems casual, i try to search what makes Yuri so happy but i don’t even know what can make her happy.

Then i remember she said that she just meet with someone at the other day, maybe that kind of thing can be the clue, so i check at the message box then i find someone name that sounds familiar.

Kouga… Haruto…

I see, now i know what makes Yuri become happy like that, i put back the phone at the table and get  out from the room before Yuri back, as i went back to my room i grind a little bit and think about what i’m gonna do with this person.

Kouga.. Haruto.. Huh…. Fufufufufu… It seems tomorrow will be interesting… Fufufufu…





Hey guys!! It’s been a while since the chapter prologue, and we have to say that is so……. Freaking long isn’t it? Well it can’t be help, like usual this is our blog and whatever the post is or when the post is out, it’s always random. Naah… actually we just so lazy and always forget to post it but whatever.

So this is the 1st chapter of StratTrail, well we have to say the gap between the prologue and this one is so long, but again that’s what we do. Moving into the next, if you guys read at the last post maybe some of you remember that we want to give you guys the character introduction on this story and so far it’s still least but it can’t be help since it’s still chapter 1. So without any delation the introduction of the character can be read at the description below.


Name : Kouga Haruto

Gender : Male

Role : Protagonist

Age : 17

Weight & Height : 174 cm & 65kg

Appearance : He has black short hair kinda frizzly and the front hair is closing his eyes, got a black colour eyes. Always wearing black jacket that have hood over his uniform at school.

Characteristic : Haruto like being alone but it doesn’t mean he is anti social, he just doesn’t want to involve to much with the other, and because of his appearance most of people think he is creepy or nerd otaku that hard to be approach.

Despite being threated like that Haruto capable of doing house chores and everything that involved about way of living, either it’s normal one or not. Though Haruto seems anti-social with most of people, he actually got lot of connection with important people on his city(or maybe around japan itself).

Background Story : ~Still secret for now~


Name : Shinohara Yuri

Gender : Female

Role : Main Heroine

Age : 16

Weight & Height : 165 cm & 52kg

Appearance : She has blondie long straight hairt along to her back, got a blue(right) and black(left) eyes. She doesn’t wear anything special, it’s just like casual uniform like most of student at school.

Characteristic :  Yuri is an energertic girl that like to do everything that she think it’s interesting or what she want to do, she good at socializing with other people, and she is also clever that make her always outsmart other people. Unlike Haruto, Yuri doesn’t do house chores too much, but at least she can do some of it.

Despite Yuri good at socializing with other people, sometimes she prefer to be alone. It because of the Yuri habit that whenever she doesn’t find any ineterest with that person, she doesn’t want to involved to much with it. And she doesn’t like being bored, because whenever she feel bored she always try to find something interesting or at least doesn’t make her feel bored anymore, and sometimes it always troubling other people.

Background Story : ~Still secret for now~


Name : Shinohara Genjisaka

Gender : Male

Role : Shinohara Yuri Grandfather

Age : 62

Weight & Height : 171 cm & 66kg

Appearance : White short hair straight to back head, got blue eyes, and unlike usual old people he got a good body build because he always train his body. He always wearing kimono for his uniform  at school.

Characteristic : Most of people always scared of him because of his look, and not to mention because the way he speak it’s like intimidating that person he speak with. Maybe he look scary but on the inside he actually a good person that always respecting other people that doesn’t scared to him, also his good at caring children.

Despite of his appearance, he almost same like Yuri that try to find something interesting to make himself not feel bored. Since she love his grandchild he always try to make both of them happy by granting any wish that they want. Sometimes he like to tag along with Yuri when he think that Yuri find something that interesting.


Name : Morishita Sachika

Gender : Female

Role : Personal maid of Shinohara Yuri

Age : 17

Weight & Height : 167cm & 53kg

Appearance : Black short hair, got black eyes, and always wearing maid uniform.

Characteristic : As one of the house maid of Shinohara family, she always stay calm and do her work perfectly. Even though she have a cool attitude but when she with Yuri she rather a little be active. Since Sachi is Yuri personal maid, most of the time she always with Yuri not like other maid, sometimes she also helping with Genji work at school as his secretary.

Alright guys, that is some of the character profile on this story, maybe some of you still can’t imagine about it, but it can’t be help right? Okay that’s so bad from us, but we try to improve as much as possible so don’t worry about it. Also now we decide to make the conversation with colour so you guys can know who is talking and it’s easier to see who is who… Wait what?? Oh Also since the picture that we use is from other people so at least we will leave the link here So you guys can check their arts., 1st pic:, 2nd pic : i’m sorry i found this one in my old folder and i can’t find the source i’m sorry.

Since we don’t know what we want to say for now i think we have to end it right now. Thank you guys that already read all of this and maybe for you guys that just see some of it, hope you enjoy the story so far and like said we’re not a writer of course there’s a lot of bad grammar or wrong spelling, but we try our best to make this series… so until the next chapter… ADIEU… 293953 sample

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