About us

Well as you can see this blog is a daily life activity about us, when i mean us it means me and my partner. And we make this blog because we think our diary is not enough so we want to share our mind with your mind so here we are. And ow yeah, if you want to know who’s responsible or member of this blog you can see above here :

Name: Kouga Haruto
Title: クライウルフ(Admin)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 06/10/1994
Living Place: Indonesia(Jakarta)
Hobby: Reading Manga, Watch Anime, Play Game, Sports, Listening Music.
Interest: Try to doing something that can be called Awesome
Skill: Doing Something that being called weird by everyone
Motto: I’m just doing with my style so don’t expect me to do like other people do
Favorite Quote: It’s not about from Zero to Hero but from Zero to One. Even it’s just 1% but it’s better than 0.
History: Kouga Haruto is just an ordinary person like everyone, in the child age even he have a lot of friend but he always being bullied by girls even the girl that he love, but still he always walk home together with the girl that he love everyday though that girl don’t know what he’s feeling to her. But sadly all that days ended because of one fight that even make teacher to step in that fight, even it ended with both of them forgive each other but since that day they never walk together again and even Haruto can’t confessed her feeling to her before they graduated. In the middle age Haruto enjoying his life with his new friend in new school, in there he find more happiness than in child age, but one day he’s being contacted from his old friend that there will be some kind of reunion of his old school. So Haruto think maybe this is the last chance for him to meet the girl that he loves and confessed to her, but still this time that girl isn’t coming and Haruto quite shock about that and that’s happen even in the next and the next year reunion and he thinks it’s his destiny that he can’t meet her once again. 2 years passed now Haruto in Youth age, new school,new friend, and new life. In this Youth age Haruto a being more mature because lot of thing happened like Sadness moment, Sadistic moment, Embarrased moment, etc. So because of all that thing now he finally can be himself and make his new life in this blog.  
Name: Sudou Haruki
Title: ストレイウルフ(Moderator)
Gender: Male
Birthday: 10/10/1994
Living Place: Indonesia(Jakarta)
Hobby: Reading Manga, Watching Anime, Sports, Collecting, Listening Music.
Interest: Making something from ordinary become unordinary.
Skill: Tsukkomi(Counter people’s joke), and Speaking in various speed that make people can’t hear well what he said.
Motto: I don’t care even all the people in this world called me “weird” i’m still being myself not like you other people.
Favorite Quote: There will be no Light from Darkness, and There will be no Darkness from Light.
History: Sudou Haruki is just an ordinary person like other people. Since childhood he always being lonely because he can’t make friends and being anti-socialized with other people. At age of 6 he accidentally bumping into a girl, at first Haruki still don’t know who’s that girl and he doesn’t concern about it. But when he enter the class at his first day, a girl suddenly shout and pointing at him, and Haruki shock when he recognized that girl is the girl from before. And since that day they became a good friend and Haruki become more open than before. At age 11 Haruki surprised because the girl is confessed to him and Haruki just accept it and they become lover. At age 15 because they’re not in the same school so they decide it to have a LDR(Long Distance Relationship), at first they still contacted each other everyday. But after half-year, Haruki realized that they become often communicate each other. 2 years later when Haruki was buying some games he met a group of schoolgirl that wearing same uniform like his girlfriend. Than Haruki shocked when he meet his girlfriend is being with another guy, at first he think that guy is just his friend, but when one of the girl ask is Haruki know each other, her friend say the guy beside Haruki girlfriend is his Boyfriend and that make Haruki mad and punch that guy than running away because he don’t believe that his girlfriend is make a new boyfriend without being know by him. A week past after that day Haruki decide to accept the reality and forget his girlfriend, and now he start his new life in this blog

So that’s our profile, well to be honest the name that be written in there is not our real name that’s just made-up name of us, well you know we can’t let our real identity being know everyone right.., But except than that name all the thing that written in there is absolutely 100% real, the history too, is not a hand made or some kind of drama or novel story. And yeah not to mention that this is just like our daily life…


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