Day 14: Role on your Life

23 Dec 141337 sample

Hello…and welcome again guys…in this terrible, disgusting, worthless, and nonsense blog, yet it still continue until this moment… As always… New day, new post, and new story. So it’s been a week after last post, we still in the middle progress of special post or you can say it as “That” thing. To be honest, since this week still in the last exam week, we can’t make the progress to much, so it still be delayed… maybe we will post it at last week of this month, but no problem guys because we really really commitment about this post since we already promise to make something new in this blog and since it before changing year, at least we want to make something for this blog and for you guys too.

Moving into next point is today post, well as usual you can see another weird title of this post.. And seriously this is the second time we stuck for the special post that’s why we try to make something to clear our mind, and… the result of that is this post.. So today post is about “Role of your life”… maybe for you guys this time is a little bit confusing.. but don’t worry, as always everything will be explained later in the story corner… also this post actually has been thinking almost half year ago but at that time we haven’t had the story corner.. so since we decide it to make it now, without wasting more time let’s just moving into post shall we?

My Diary

Date XX Month XX Year XX

Dear diary… this month is the last month for this year… 1 weeks until next year… if i remember for what i have done in this year… Well… actually i can’t really remember about it… but at least i still have some kind of memory about it… either it’s good, bad, fun, sad, or lame memory… well…  to think about it almost make me laugh.. for everything that i have done this year… i still have some regret about it… but.. what’s already happen, just let it happen… though i can’t help about it…

Anyway… This year is almost end, yet i haven’t think about what i’m gonna do for the next year… Geezz think about it almost make my head hurt… Yet until this moment i haven’t met “Her” huh… last year i failed yet this year is a fail also… it can’t help that she live in different world with me… Hahh…if i can met her just one more time.. maybe that will be the last time i will talk to her…

Well.. looks like today nothing will happen… maybe i’m gonna find something to do huh… Geezz maybe i’m just hoping that i can met her once more… if that didn’t happen too… well maybe another year will do… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

News section

-Not in the mood for any news today… f**k off… _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Story behind the topic

Yes, back again in this corner which is about explain to you guys, what’s the meaning of topic post for us. Usually we split it into 3 way which is, how we find the topic, what’s the meaning of the topic, and last is why is it important to us. But today, we kinda make it a little bit different, because this topic is a little bit related about me. Well for the first one as always, how we get this topic. The story is start when me and my friend with his girlfriend are walking together in the mall. At the point where i walk behind them i always think about, why they still want to going out with me? am i just a burden in here? does they never think that i’m just an outsider? or maybe they doesn’t concern about me… And from this i realize.. from all this time when we going together like this i always take a range from them… well that’s a manner for my friend right… so maybe if i consider myself in this condition… maybe.. i’m just a watcher for them… It took me some time than i realize that’s my role… So from here, we found that’s the role on your life!!

Secondly is about the meaning for us, well to be honest we can’t define it into the word, so we just make some example here…In theater or drama, there will be a role for everyone, for example Protagonist, Antagonist, Heroine, etc..  and from here we make it into same situation in your life… So… Have you ever consider what’s your role if you in your life?? Well the answer of that is obvious.. You’re the protagonist of your life, just like every people… But in some chases maybe you have consider that you also have other role… For example, like in the game where you decide to become support rather than the main because someone is better than you, or you decide to just become helper because you can’t organize or become leader… this is what we mean about the role of your life, the time where you decide to do something you can rather than being something that you can’t, that’s the mean about it. Well, maybe that’s not exactly the mean of it, but at least we can give you some example about that.

And lastly why this is so important to us? For this time is concerning about me, so i’m gonna explain it. As being explained on the top, for me that is always consider about my friend and also for my surrounding, sometimes i always consider myself as outsiders rather than friend. Is not like i don’t want to realize or concern about me, but if everyone really really doesn’t concern or realize about me, maybe it’s okay to being like that.. Even though they never talk much to me, or hang out with me, as long as they happy is okay. So i always consider about my role in my life… Although i’m a protagonist on my life, but at the time when i’m with them or alone… i’m just consider my role for being support from the back/shadow… or i’m tell it as “Observer”


“Day 14!! Just a little bit into “That” weehee!!!”

“By the power of the progress tomorrow is the day huh…”

“Well duh.. but, why do we have to concern about that, it doesn’t have any effect for us though..”

“Agree, while we’re here continue this blog like an idiot, other people already prepare for tomorrow.”

“Indeed, well put that aside though we still behind the schedule it seems boring we still lack of something huh..”

“Lack of something? What is that? Don’t tell me that you want to add more thing into “That””

“Maybe if necessary, but at least we have to continue with the progress until i found what’s lack about it.”

“……. really this guy….”

“Anyway we should continue about “That”, so we have to end it guys. See you later in the next post!!

“See ya later guys and happy holiday.”

Last but not least is today conclusion!!! So two thing that we take from today post!! First one is about the “Role on your life” itself. Well as being said on the top, the role of your life is depend on the place, people, and the most important is about yourself. Either you think yourself as an important person, or just someone who only can help, everything that you can do will decide the role of your life!! Second is about little bit sorry for you guys who knows that actually this post already being published at 17 Dec, but at that time actually the post itself haven’t being finished and we made a mistake instead to save as draft we make into published at that day.. well what do you expect we’re human after all, we still make a mistake right? Lastly is about “That” post. This special post that we’re talking about still in the middle of the progress but don’t worry guys we will post it later before next year, even it means at 23:59:59 31 Dec 2014!!! Also make sure to have much fun for tomorrow and this holiday too. So hope you guys enjoy today post, and for you guys that doesn’t enjoy it, well it’s your problem to read this post after all… So we will see you guys later in the next post!! Until that time enjoy your holiday!! ADIEU!!!



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