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“StraTrail” Prologue : “Fate or Coincidence” 295533 sample

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Announcement : LN project “StrainTrail” 295569 sample

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Special Post I : “End and Beginning of Something” 304754 sample landscape nauimusuka

Hello and Welcome guys in this special post!! This is the 1st special post that actually we have to post last year and because of something happened and that make this post become so late to be post… Well to be honest we just haven’t finished yet at last year and while after new year we have to go somewhere so we don’t have any time to continue with this….

Anyway… Move aside from the delay itself, the topic of this post is about “End and Beginning Of something” which some of you guys maybe already what is mean… and some of you maybe not, but don’t worry… as always we will explain to you in this post later… And for you guys that have been come to this blog maybe already know typical post that we usually made… Well, since this is a special post we make a little bit different which is you can see at the rest for this post, so with not much time to spent let’s just move into the post, shall we?

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Day 14: Role on your Life 141337 sample

Hello…and welcome again guys…in this terrible, disgusting, worthless, and nonsense blog, yet it still continue until this moment… As always… New day, new post, and new story. So it’s been a week after last post, we still in the middle progress of special post or you can say it as “That” thing. To be honest, since this week still in the last exam week, we can’t make the progress to much, so it still be delayed… maybe we will post it at last week of this month, but no problem guys because we really really commitment about this post since we already promise to make something new in this blog and since it before changing year, at least we want to make something for this blog and for you guys too.

Moving into next point is today post, well as usual you can see another weird title of this post.. And seriously this is the second time we stuck for the special post that’s why we try to make something to clear our mind, and… the result of that is this post.. So today post is about “Role of your life”… maybe for you guys this time is a little bit confusing.. but don’t worry, as always everything will be explained later in the story corner… also this post actually has been thinking almost half year ago but at that time we haven’t had the story corner.. so since we decide it to make it now, without wasting more time let’s just moving into post shall we?

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Day 13: The “Feedback” 294788 sample

Hello… and welcome again in this useless, garbage, so dumb with horrible grammar blog… As always we welcome you guys to spent some of your time in today post. As usual guys, today topic post is about the “Feedback”. Well the moment you see this post you know it.. Another weird title with weird post…. Yeah guys we always do that and we will never change that.. Before moving into today post we like to remind you guys. If you guys read the last post we decide it to make a new type of post, and luckily that post is already on progress.

And for the second part, we want to announce you guys that we will update the mozaicheaven page, regardless we already make it, yet it’s still empty until now. Because of some reason, we decide it to fill something instead of let it empty.. well this should be done right… Okay i know it sounds like we became serious now, so without any delaying let’s  just moving into the post.

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Day 12: Because it’s “Different” 296529 sample

Hey guys welcome!! Again!! In this…. so annoying.. wasting time.. horrible grammar blog yet it’s still continue until now!! Yes… after some time being spent to decide that we will continue or discontinue this blog… and the answer is yes.. we will!! The reason we decide it to continue the blog it’s related with today post.. which is… “Because it’s different”… Yes for some you guys that smart must be already realized the meaning of that and what make it related to us… Well for u guys that haven’t being know maybe you guys can check out the last post and see the last part of the post there’s the a little bit story that make it related for today post..

So we just enter the last month of this year that’s “DECEMBER”…. welp actually it’s not quiet effect for us.. because we don’t have any special thing or whatsoever for this month… sad huh… Anyway, since today is the start of the last month of this year we decide to make today post not so heavy like last post… it’s easy story.. easy diary.. and easy conversation at the last corner… well not to waste any time let’s just move into today post!!

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Day 9: Sometimes these kind of thing can happen… 293723 sample

Hello guys and welcome… to this nonsense, crap, and wasting time blog ever that you can see… Yes we back again in this new post also with the new topic from the title itself. Before moving into today post, we have something to be announcement, that’s we just had a birthday at last week, yes it means me and Haruki now already 20 years old, you know what is mean right? This mean we already spent 20 years of ours life and we’re closer to our… death… ew… time sure fly fast huh…

Anyway, today post is about “Sometimes these kind of thing can happen”, as always we will explain to you guys what’s the mean of it, and why it’s so important for us. And for you guys that notice from the last post, we discuss a little bit of problem for “story behind” corner, that’s some kind of long description and take almost 3 paragraph, so we decide it to make it a little bit less to make you guys doesn’t get bored for reading that long bullsh*t description, also we have something to be announcement for you guys that will be talk later at the last corner, so with that let’s just going into today post!!

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