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Day 3: So far yet so close…. 231707 sample

Well i know guy the gap of this time post  with the old post is soooo loong… that’s why we’re not gonna apologize to you all… well the important is, after we getting in mood to post again we conclude that the topic for today post is “So far yet so close..”, well i know most of you already have heard about that word neither it is in movie, book, or theme of OST for Axel almer in SRW…  BUT!!

Since this is our main topic, there is also any reason behind it… and the first reason is almost related to me not him, so the reason is just that about my story… maybe for most people that already know about my story(in the about us page), that we moving on in this blog to find another (), well we use that word since it’s too embarrassing to type it in here.. ANYWAY…. we’re gonna tell the full story at diary section so let’s begin!!

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