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Never Think Negatively Without Negative Pole

So Finally we can start this post with our first topic!! And what’s that? that’s right it’s about negative thinking and i’m the one who decide the topic yeah!!! Read the rest of this entry »


Understand Or Not Understand??

As you can see we haven’t make a post that looks like a conversation between me and Haruki. We haven’t made that because we think we should complete our profile and the hajikelist page, actually i’m just lacking of that and get a little slump about it… But well we can do it later, now moving on in with the blog, well as you know in my last post when i say that we’re gonna make a conversation maybe some of you will don’t know what kind of that or “what the hell are they talking about??” well we already think about that so don’t worry

It’s easy to understand it when you see the example like this:

Oh god yesterday i’m just hitting a cat in front of my house because he don’t want to move when i’m taking out my motorcycle.

Gosh you’re hitting a cat just because that stupid reason? how ridiculous.

so that’s the example about it so easy to understand right?? and since we now in 12th grade and preparing for Exam maybe we can’t update it everyday but we still try our best to update it every day and make every post is nice to you guys!! Adieu!!


New Wind Blowing Again

So as you know or not know.. lot of thing happened in my life and i’m deciding to live this blog again with my partner. Not like before i’m just posting something randomly now i’m deciding to make this blog is telling about our daily life and i’m trying to update this blog everyday. So the next and future post i’m gonna make that post is like our conversation, for me i’m gonna using blue colour text and for my partner he’s gonna using red colour text. And every each post is different theme so i’m gonna do my best to make this blog lively, so wait for us and hopefully you can enjoy this blog, Adieu man..