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Day 12: Because it’s “Different” 296529 sample

Hey guys welcome!! Again!! In this…. so annoying.. wasting time.. horrible grammar blog yet it’s still continue until now!! Yes… after some time being spent to decide that we will continue or discontinue this blog… and the answer is yes.. we will!! The reason we decide it to continue the blog it’s related with today post.. which is… “Because it’s different”… Yes for some you guys that smart must be already realized the meaning of that and what make it related to us… Well for u guys that haven’t being know maybe you guys can check out the last post and see the last part of the post there’s the a little bit story that make it related for today post..

So we just enter the last month of this year that’s “DECEMBER”…. welp actually it’s not quiet effect for us.. because we don’t have any special thing or whatsoever for this month… sad huh… Anyway, since today is the start of the last month of this year we decide to make today post not so heavy like last post… it’s easy story.. easy diary.. and easy conversation at the last corner… well not to waste any time let’s just move into today post!!

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