Day 11: When Lying is the truth and the Truth itself is lying 294791 sample

Hello guys… welcome to the unattractive, miserable, luckless blog… yet still continue until this moment…. We’re back with the new post, as you can see.. “When lying is the truth and the Truth itself is lying”, i know guys we always make a weird title, yet it’s interesting for us because it’s weird… if it’s not weird we’ll just make a normal title like “cat flying” or “today is raining”…or.. something” like that… whatever…

Anyways… It’s been * week after the last post and it’s been a while since we don’t take this seriously… so we went a little bit overboard about today post, and also at the last post we trying to make a new type of post to make this blog become a little bit interesting maybe??? But, that part will be delayed since we can’t make it fast and good… We think we don’t have anything to talk… let’s move into today post… Read the rest of this entry »


Day 10: It’s True because it’s Wrong 257730 sample

Hello… guys… and welcome to the miserable, horrible, and not epic blog that you ever seen….. yes… welcome back with the new post “It’s true because it’s wrong”, i know what you guys think.. yes it is another weird title yet with another weird mean for us and of course we will explain it later to you guys. As always before moving into today post, just to remind you guys that at the last post we tell you guys that we have something to be announcement, but at the end.. we totally forget about it… yeah yeah we know it and that’s why we try to tell it at today post and just hope that we don’t forget this time.. hahahaha…. haha… ha….. (-,-)…. err… since we don’t want to waste any more time so we just make the introduction this short and moving into the post itself, shall we??

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Day 9: Sometimes these kind of thing can happen… 293723 sample

Hello guys and welcome… to this nonsense, crap, and wasting time blog ever that you can see… Yes we back again in this new post also with the new topic from the title itself. Before moving into today post, we have something to be announcement, that’s we just had a birthday at last week, yes it means me and Haruki now already 20 years old, you know what is mean right? This mean we already spent 20 years of ours life and we’re closer to our… death… ew… time sure fly fast huh…

Anyway, today post is about “Sometimes these kind of thing can happen”, as always we will explain to you guys what’s the mean of it, and why it’s so important for us. And for you guys that notice from the last post, we discuss a little bit of problem for “story behind” corner, that’s some kind of long description and take almost 3 paragraph, so we decide it to make it a little bit less to make you guys doesn’t get bored for reading that long bullsh*t description, also we have something to be announcement for you guys that will be talk later at the last corner, so with that let’s just going into today post!!

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Day 8: POV(Perspective Of View point) 199967 sample

HEELLLOOO… and welcome back again!! in this nonsense, useless or whatever it is blog that you can call. Yes we back, and first of all we’re really really.. not gonna apologize or feel sorry to you guys just because we have such a long gap between the last post, since this is not the first time we do this and that’s why we won’t apologize even a little bit to you guys, seriously… This gap of post is because we have some problem with our computer and the internet itself.. the first problem is our adaptor which is broken that’s why we can’t use our laptop like usual to make a post, since some of our post that already being made already in the laptop itself, secondly the internet itself, which is kinda annoying.. because whenever we use our modem to get internet, in every 20-25 minutes it’s lost connection and to fix it we have to reset the modem itself, of course this loop is continue until now, that’s what make us can’t post for almost 2 weeks.. well actually even though we have backup computer and other internet we didn’t post anything just because we’re too… lazy….

Anyway… moving aside from our problem, since finally we’re here, we can moving into today post that is “POV”, yeah yeah….. i know i know.. some of you maybe already know this word in many meaning like…. sorry guys we can’t make a joke about that… So the topic itself actually just an acronym from POV(Perspective Of View point), and as usual we have a diary section that you can see later and the point of the topic itself on the story corner, so what else we can say… Enjoy… Read the rest of this entry »


Day 7: From nothing to something


Hello guys!! And welcome back again in this useless, unattractive, boring, and other bad description that you can think…. Yeah we’re back again with the new post that have a title or we call it as a topic.. it’s about “From nothing to something”. Yup again, we know some  of you guys already understand with the mean and some of you that hasn’t know yet we’re gonna tell you later as usual. Well the gap between this post and last post not quite long, well this quite surprising for us that is we usually lazy to post and make a post after a month maybe a year and this time a couple days, it’s weird huh… yeah we’re also think like that…..

Anyway… before we’re going into today topic maybe some of you that already read the last post already know that him make somekind of change about his life or something like that? and that’s what make him don’t want to make a conversation with me at the last corner at the end of the post(like usual), but today with somekind of fresh mood he will come back into that corner, also from now on we add a new corner which you guys can see at the post itself, so i hope u guys can enjoy today post.. so shall we start huh..??

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Day 6: Piece of Hope 233882 sample

“Hello guys and welcome again, in this useless, hopeless, and whatever is that you called this blog. Me and my partner gonna post something that will waste your time if you read it.. well considering read this word already waste your time… anyway since we lacking so much so we gonna post as fast as we could from now.. well even we can’t promise to much too…huh… whatever…

Moving on to the topic itself… “Piece of Hope” or “Kibou no Kakera(希望の断片)” (sorry bad translation guys..),maybe some of you already understand what the mean is and maybe some of you still don’t know, well neither both of them we will explain it later at the rest of this post, also today post is represent about him not me. To be short today post is all about story of him, well i can’t argue since this is “our” blog, not “my” blog. After all, he’s the one who think about the title and the content of this post itself, so waddaya say huh? Welp like i said, since he’s the one who charge for this post so.. let’s just see what kind of post that he make this time, shall we?”

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Day 5: Something’s always going weird?


“Hello again guys, and welcome to the most useless, boring, horrible blog and yet it’s still continue until this moment. Yes we’re back with the new post, that is “Something’s always going weird?”. I know i know that some of u guys already think “wattafak with dat title?” but for us is a little bit important, because every time whenever we try to do something, there’s always a moment when dat something is gone wrong or gone weird. And probably it also happen same to u guys, but u guys just ignore or let it be.. BUT NOT FOR US!!!

Again considering the main topic is always about our title but for today post we gonna be a little bit moving from dat, because we want to make some change for in this blog and also for us, when i mean “us” it’s me and my partner not u guys… Okay this is getting weird, so let’s just going into diary section and other section, GO GO GO!!”
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