Day 13: The “Feedback”

11 Dec 294788 sample

Hello… and welcome again in this useless, garbage, so dumb with horrible grammar blog… As always we welcome you guys to spent some of your time in today post. As usual guys, today topic post is about the “Feedback”. Well the moment you see this post you know it.. Another weird title with weird post…. Yeah guys we always do that and we will never change that.. Before moving into today post we like to remind you guys. If you guys read the last post we decide it to make a new type of post, and luckily that post is already on progress.

And for the second part, we want to announce you guys that we will update the mozaicheaven page, regardless we already make it, yet it’s still empty until now. Because of some reason, we decide it to fill something instead of let it empty.. well this should be done right… Okay i know it sounds like we became serious now, so without any delaying let’s  just moving into the post.

My diary

Well… another nice day… just spent some time alone at near side of the river without anyone around… looking at the sky… the cloud.. and the sound of the  river stream… I know… i’m just being alone, but…. it can’t be done.. Being alone is the reality right??

I can’t just forcing another people to come along with me right?? But if i say that i’m hoping there will be someone that suddenly come beside me… Well.. i can’t deny about that… Hah… expectation is to high right…

For being alone like this… and spent some time without any disturbance… i never think this is not so bad… but.. Just to be alone like this sometimes i feel emptiness also.. At some time i see other people being together… neither it is couple.. or just friend… i feel sad… I know that i can’t just saying i feeling alone and i want someone to beside me… But.. I can’t…

I can’t do that because i can’t interact with other people… also i can’t communicate with other people… even though i have someone that i call friend… i just feel they don’t recognize me… Well maybe that’s the reason i’m here right now… Yeah being alone like this.. maybe is the best thing for me right now…


News section

– Kancolle game update at 12 Dec

– DOTA 2 contract PA event has ended..

– Approaching christmas, there will be lot of sale for steam game(probably)

– New SRW game has been announced…

– Don’t blame me for bad news…


Story behind the topic

Okay, we’re back to tell you about the story behind our topic, that is the “Feedback”. As usual first how the juice we find this topic. The story began when we play DOTA2 as usual… at the moment when one of our team play as oracle… and when he/she use the SS for our PA.. we see somekind of feedback our should we say damage that being took after the SS buff is done… from here we wonder.. If you want to have something you have to trade with something too.. well in this chase is like you got an invis while attacking but all the damage you take from enemy will be taken later after the buff itself finished. So from here we found the best word to describe about is “Feedback”… duh… it sounds dumb isn’t it…

Moving on into second part which is “Why it’s become important to us?” Basically it’s same like always, whenever we find the new topic we will think universally about it, for this time the “Feedback” itself have two meaning for us. The first one is the”Gain with Pain” the mean for this is like we talk at the top of this post which is the Oracle SS, so it’s like when you want to gain something but you also have get the pain later or, if you want to gain something you have to feel the pain. The second one is “Increase while decrease” the mean for this is more like a capacity, for example if you get something inside your body you can’t always get it in, because it will break your body, so you have to release some of it, and this kind of feedback it’s like when you try to increase your input but you can’t overload the capacity itself so at least you have to make some output from some part of it. I know at this moment some of you have think “What the relevant about this two with the feedback?” , well to put it simple these two is type of feedback that in some chase, you guys already experienced it or see it…

So moving with the conclusion, the point for this “feedback” is, neither you want to gain something or want to take something, don’t forget you can’t just gain or take it just like that, because there always be a feedback of it, neither you trying to lose weight, make some muscle, or doing some exercise. The point is everything that you want to do or you want to have there always be a feedback, even it’s small or big, or it came before or after, but if you can take those feedback, i know that you guys will surpass for what you want to.. just believe it..


 “Day 13!! Actually we shouldn’t do this corner…”

“Why?? Is there something wrong with today?”

“Nope, it’s not about wrong.. but we just have to continue the progress for “That” remember.”

“Owh “That” huh… well honestly we still stuck with some part right?’

“Yeah, that’s why i wonder why we still can make this post though we haven’t finished “That” yet..”

“Well you know some say that “If you stuck in the middle of something don’t push to hard for that or you will end badly..”

“Well.. maybe you right, okay then.. How about we take some food to refresh our head?”

“Sounds good for me..”

“Okay guys since we have to think again for “That” so we have to end it… We will see ya later at the next post!! –>>”

“See ya later…”

Last… is conclusion… So… these “Feedback” that we’re talking about is almost universal(maybe?), just think that if everything in this world doesn’t have any feedback it means everything will be… err.. i can’t define with a word.. Well it’s something like that… err.. whatever you guys seems doesn’t care about this too right… Also for today post actually is just some kind of sudden post.. how we say it… like well since we stuck with the special post later at this month… we decide to make a post for a new idea… and the result that is today post… wew.. how bad we are… Lastly some of you guys(also we) that have last exam test week, we just support you guys and hope you guys can past into the next year… well with that we close today post.. and see hope we can see you again in the next post.. ADIEU….



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