Day 12: Because it’s “Different”

03 Dec 296529 sample

Hey guys welcome!! Again!! In this…. so annoying.. wasting time.. horrible grammar blog yet it’s still continue until now!! Yes… after some time being spent to decide that we will continue or discontinue this blog… and the answer is yes.. we will!! The reason we decide it to continue the blog it’s related with today post.. which is… “Because it’s different”… Yes for some you guys that smart must be already realized the meaning of that and what make it related to us… Well for u guys that haven’t being know maybe you guys can check out the last post and see the last part of the post there’s the a little bit story that make it related for today post..

So we just enter the last month of this year that’s “DECEMBER”…. welp actually it’s not quiet effect for us.. because we don’t have any special thing or whatsoever for this month… sad huh… Anyway, since today is the start of the last month of this year we decide to make today post not so heavy like last post… it’s easy story.. easy diary.. and easy conversation at the last corner… well not to waste any time let’s just move into today post!!

My diary

Date XX Month XX Year XX

Dear diary… Well today is so… peace.. well actually almost everyday is peace in here… but in other side of this world i see the news about civil war… some kind of weird sickness and other bad stuff as well… i know it sounds weird… but… though the world it like this but yet.. it’s just continue… i mean… all this different thing that happen around this world… everything just flow like nothing seems gonna happen to me or around me…

I know… even though i’m just a small thing in this world that not so important but i always wonder why people just continue their life like that… is there will be any change for them?? for me?? or for this world?? Well… it can’t be known huh… though everyone have different type of life… but for me.. i think it’s not bad at all… here i am living with peace, but someday… i don’t know.. someday i think for them who live with different life with me can have another different life with better thing for it…

i just hope so… Well time to go i think… now… just continue the flow of my life until different thing happen to me too.. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

News section

-New Update for Kancolle game today 1 Dec(New winter furniture,Furutaka Kai-2,New voices for Zuihou) and later 15 DecUpdate

-1 week left until Contract Event Dota2 end…

-Last month list for eroge already out…

-Well f*k with December news on TV _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Story behind the topic

So.. here we go.. the story about the topic… Well for start as always is how we found this topic, err… it start when i reading some shoujo manga.. if you a bit curious about it, the title of manga is “Suki suzuki-kun”, and from here i just reading as usual like just spent some time.. and from there i found a dialogue when they have a *****(sorry censored) and from there i found a word like this “It’s because we different that’s why we can be like this.” And from this word i’m thinking “Hey that’s sounds good to me also it’s so logistic.”, and from there i told my him and voila it’s become our today topic.. weird huh.. we found it from shoujo manga… haha…

Well that’s how we found it so moving into why it’s become important to us. Before that, usually when we make a topic for post, we already think about this this corner first, because if we don’t think about this corner first we can’t make the title for the post(or the topic itself). This time is the reverse.. we make the title first then we think about this corner while we make this post too.. So what make this important? Well, we think about the meaning about this and for us the “Different” that we think is about a different in matching, like pair, match, and.. well that’s all we can think. For example is like we as human as male while their also human as female, since we different in gender that’s make us can match so good, you get it?? let me give another example.. to open a lock you need a key, the key and the lock two different thing but they fit each other, so from this we can conclude everything in this world can match with each other because they are different. By being different from other they can match with other too, hahaha…

Anyway the point is, by being different with each other we will be paired by different thing too, since if you combine anything that look alike the possible is can, but by combine two different thing it can make something a new or because it different that’s why it can be paired or something like that… neither it’s about love, lock and key, or making something… the different that you make/use is the best match with something that also different… yeah i think that’s the point…


“WE BACK!! Wew never thought that we will back in here huh…”

“Yeah actually quiet surprise too, the last time we almost quit to continue this blog and a few days later we back in here..”

“I know, last time i don’t think straight and ended up with that conclusion, though because of today post we back right.”

“Right, it’s because of today post we made it back..”

“So it’s already December huh… We made into day 12 in the month of 12, quiet coincidence huh…”

“Maybe yes maybe no, well we already back in here should we make something?”

“Yeah i also think about that too, maybe it’s time for us to complete “That”..”

“You mean “That” post, so far we haven’t decide yet and we’re gonna do it?”

“Yeah, we want to make something different right? that’s why, we gonna do it.”

“Hahh… Okay then whatever you say, i’m just following you after all, we have to make it right this time.”

“I know, that’s why we ended up for today post to make “That” as fast as we can, So.. see you later guys.”

“From me too later guys.”

Conclusion…. Okay guys today conclusion is “Though everyone or everything is different with each other but it’s not bad thing after all, by being different it means it can be paired with something different too, we won’t say that everything should be same and everything should do the same right? The all different thing that exist around us is the one that make this world so interesting and by being different it means you can be you and not to be other looks like.” And this is also one of the reason why we decide it to continue our blog, by being different by other blog(maybe) we actually proud of it, though we never get visitor, never get comment, or get some impression. It’s still our blog and we have a freedom by being different from the other. So with all of this we hope you guys learn something.. and just remember, if you feel different don’t be scared of it, but just relaxed and be like that because that’s what make you become yourself after all…  As always enjoy the last pic and… ADIEU guys… 293355 sample 




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